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Join a free seated exercise program, Mindful Mobility, created by mobility experts and suitable for all levels of fitness!

Inspired by the movements of chair tai chi and yoga, this 45 minute online class increases strength, improves balance and lessens restriction in the body in a live, interactive environment. Email now and make sure to include your name and phone number!

Hosted by the nonprofit organization, Connected Canadians, multiple online classes are held weekly — and new classes are added regularly!

To be added to the class list, email zoom@connectedcanadians.ca, with the subject line “Move More”. Include your name and telephone number in the body of the email and you are officially on your way toward a healthier lifestyle – and building relationships along the way!

New to online fitness?

Schedule a free 1:1 Technology Support Session by calling Connected Canadians at 1(877)304-5813 or by registering at www.connectedcanadians.ca/programs. Learn how to install Zoom and practice its features on your specific device prior to class or let Connected Canadians help you reach another personal technology goal.

Connected Canadians, a nonprofit organization who provides free technology training and support to older adults across Canada, is offering these classes thanks to funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Program.