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Owner & Physiotherapist

Laura Lundquist

MScPT, FCAMPT Registered International Sports Physical Therapist Advanced Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy

Laura’s passion lies in helping people return to or maintain function despite an injury or illness. Her extensive experience in sport physiotherapy and private practice orthopedics has equipped her with a unique perspective and ability to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. Laura is particularly interested in helping Boomers maintain a healthy level of physical activity despite the normal age-related changes that we all experience. This commitment to healthy aging was the inspiration behind Club Z Fitness.

Laura graduated from Mount Allison University in 2001 and from McMaster University School of Physiotherapy in 2003. Since then, she has completed numerous post-graduate courses in manual and manipulative therapy, acupuncture, and sport physiotherapy. Laura holds the highest level of Canadian certification in both manual (hands-on treatment) and sport physiotherapy, ensuring she provides top-tier care to our members.

Laura’s career spans private practice and sports medicine clinics in British Columbia, Toronto, and Halifax, where she has treated a wide range of orthopedic and sports injuries. Her work with sports teams—including hockey, rugby, lacrosse, badminton, tennis, weight-lifting, and soccer—and providing medical coverage at sporting events from local to international levels, reflects her dedication to athletic health and performance. Notably, she has traveled with the senior women’s Sevens Rugby Team to Amsterdam in 2011 and worked as part of the core medical team for Canada at the Pan Am Games in Guadalajara (2011) and the World University Games (FISU) in Kazan, Russia (2013).

At Club Z Fitness, Laura is committed to fostering a supportive and empowering environment at Club Z Fitness, where boomers feel motivated and capable of achieving their fitness goals. She believes in the transformative power of exercise and is excited to lead our members on their journey to better health and happiness.


Maggie Sullivan

MScPt, BScKin

Maggie Sullivan graduated from Dalhousie University with her Master’s in Physiotherapy. Originally from small-town New Brunswick, she worked as a kinesiologist and physiotherapy assistant after completing her Bachelor in Kinesiology at Memorial University in Newfoundland in 2015.

Growing up, Maggie played several sports, including hockey, soccer, swimming, track, and cross country. Her involvement in sports continued after school as she volunteered to coach local girls’ hockey teams, leading both on and off-ice training. This experience sparked her interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation, aiming to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

At Club Z Fitness, Maggie brings her passion for sports and exercise to support boomers in staying active, strong, and happy. She strives to inspire our members by fostering an engaging and encouraging atmosphere, helping them enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Maggie believes in the benefits of exercise and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, reach your maximum potential, and continue doing the activities you love. She is committed to furthering her education through various post-graduate courses and research as she advances her career as a physiotherapist.

Outside of work, Maggie enjoys adventuring outdoors, hiking, and running. She can often be found watching whatever sport is in season or exploring new hiking trails.


Allison Keller

MScPT, BScKin Hon

Allison Keller is a double Dalhousie University alumna, having moved to Halifax, NS from Ottawa, ON to complete her undergraduate and master’s degrees. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with First Class Honours and has also completed a Master of Science in Physiotherapy.

Before beginning her career in physiotherapy, Allison worked abroad in Perth, Western Australia, participating in neurorehabilitation research. Upon returning to Halifax, she worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, conducting exercise classes for both general and specialized populations. Through these experiences, Allison strengthened her understanding of the importance of physical activity and movement in managing injury and illness.

Allison previously competed nationally as a sprint kayak athlete, while also training in running, swimming, cross-country skiing, and strength training. Understanding the benefits of exercise and physical activity, she continues to live an active lifestyle and loves to help others increase their participation in physical activity to improve their overall health and well-being.

At Club Z Fitness, Allison brings her diverse experience and passion for fitness to support boomers in staying stronger, steadier, and happier. She enjoys working with people of all ages and fitness levels, helping them identify and achieve their functional goals through an evidence-based and client-centered approach.

In her free time, Allison enjoys hiking, cooking, and exploring new exercise classes. She is always eager to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.


Shania Caravan


Shania graduated from Dalhousie University with her Master’s in Physiotherapy. Originally from Newfoundland, she completed her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology in 2017. Her academic journey laid a strong foundation for her career in physiotherapy, combining scientific knowledge with practical skills.

From a young age, Shania has led an active lifestyle through gymnastics, cheerleading, and resistance training. This active background fuelled her passion for teaching others about the benefits of being active. Shania’s approach emphasizes the importance of exercise in preventing and rehabilitating injuries, increasing longevity, decreasing pain, and maintaining overall well-being. She enjoys meeting new individuals and working with them to determine the most effective and meaningful ways to meet their different goals.

During her time at Club Z Fitness, Shania was known for her dedication to helping boomers stay fit, healthy, and engaged. Although she no longer conducts live classes, Shania is still featured in several on-demand classes, where she continues to inspire and guide our members with her expertise and enthusiasm for fitness.

Outside of her professional interests, Shania enjoys being outdoors, baking, and spending time with her family and friends. She often finds joy in exploring new hiking trails, experimenting with recipes, and creating lasting memories with loved ones.


Ashley Button


Ashley earned her Master’s in Physical Therapy from Queen’s University in 2019 and a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2017. Hailing from a small town in Newfoundland and Labrador, she actively participated in hockey, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and soccer, embodying the value of physical activity throughout her education.

Ashley’s dedication to community activities, particularly in geriatric programming and athletics, ignited her passion for sports injury management within the aging population. At Club Z Fitness, she brings this passion and expertise to classes designed specifically for adults 50+. Ashley is committed to helping boomers become stronger, steadier, and happier through engaging and effective fitness classes.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys staying active in various ways. She plays hockey, hikes with her dog Rocky, and maintains a regular gym workout routine. Additionally, she has a passion for traveling, exploring new places, and experiencing different cultures. Ashley believes that a balanced lifestyle that includes physical activity, nature, and new experiences is key to overall well-being and happiness.

“We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising” - Dr Kenneth Cooper

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