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Fit 1

These 45-minute classes will challenge you by building full-body strength and balance using standing and seated positions (no mat work required!). Get your weights and resistance bands and join us!

Fit 2

These 45-minute classes build full-body strength and balance through a combination of standing and mat exercises. You will benefit from having a resistance band and weights available for use.

Fit 3

Get your heart pumping with these challenging 45-minute workouts. High-intensity agility work combines with core-building on the mat. Grab your water, mat, bands and weights and get ready to work!

Core 1

These 30-minute classes will work on flexibility and strength related to having a strong core. All work will be done seated or standing; grab your resistance band and join us!

Core 2

These 30-minute classes will work on flexibility and strength related to having a strong core. All work will be done standing or on the mat on the floor. Grab your resistance band, exercise mat & energy to join us!


This gentle, mat-based class taught by full certified Stott Pilates Instructor, Jana MacGregor, is designed to introduce you to the foundational movements of Pilates. You will increase your awareness of your alignment and strengthen your core while improving your mobility and balance.


These 45-minute classes blend light cardio work with a full-body stretch to leave you feeling energized and more mobile. All work is done in standing using a stable chair as a balance point. No additional exercise equipment is required!

Tai Chi Flow

These 30-minute classes blend gentle movements with focused breathing techniques. Take a moment for yourself to recharge with these rejuvenating classes. All movements will be done in a standing position.

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