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Which plan is the
right one for you?

From access to our fitness videos library to unlimited virtual classes with instructor feedback, choose the plan that’s right for you to keep you fit, flexible, and living the life you love!
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Digital On Demand

$69.00 per Month.

Unlimited access to Club Z fitness video library


$99.00 per Month.

5 live classes per month

Essential PLUS

$149.00 per Month.

5 live classes per month + unlimited access to Club Z fitness video library

All Access

$199.00 per Month.

Unlimited online live classes & full access to Club Z Fitness Video library.

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Why join Club Z?

Why choose Club Z and not a different fitness program?

Are there any promotions for me to try the program out and see if I like it?

How do I know what class is best for me?

I don’t feel confident in technology. Is there someone who can help me to set this up on my computer?

What is the difference between live and on-demand classes?

What equipment do I need for my class?

Where can I register for my classes?

If my class is too easy or too hard, can I switch to a different one?

Is there any way to get one-on-one help with an exercise I am struggling with?

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of time?

I'm having trouble logging into my class, what should I do?