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I didn’t think it was possible at my age to learn to do push-ups!

“The Club Z team provides a fun, safe environment with options for all skill levels. I feel stronger and healthier and am discovering a whole new me, during my retirement years.”


After 2 car accidents in 5 years I thought I’d never kayak again

“I could feel myself getting stronger with the Club Z classes but it wasn’t until I got into the the kayak for the first time this year that it really hit me how much stronger I was. It seemed effortless to paddle and my friend who is usually faster than me had to ask me to slow down! After a year of participating in Club Z, I’m loving my life.”


Playing tennis again!

"Club Z classes have kept me so fit, I was able to return to playing tennis seamlessly after a four year absence. I was surprised how limber I felt, better than in my early fifties!”


I appreciate the flexibility of Club Z!

"I have tried out several different levels of fitness classes to find the right one for me. The on-line video library is great to view when you need a refresher. The flexibility of the Club Z membership options and classes is appreciated.”


What our members are saying

“Being able to participate in Club Z in the comfort of my home over the past year has been instrumental in improving my strength and agility, allowing me to keep doing the things I love… hiking, pickleball and most importantly keeping up with my grandchildren! Could not have done any of this without the exceptional team at Club Z.”
“In just over a month this fitness class has become an integral and essential part of my life.”
“Participating in Club Z has not only made me feel healthier and stronger, but it has given me the confidence to return to an active physical lifestyle. I’m able to participate in sports and activities that I have always enjoyed. The team at Club Z feels like having your own private Coach.”
“I cannot express my thanks enough to the Club Z team! THANK YOU!!”
“I’ve tried a few different fitness programs over the years but quickly drifted away. Club-Z is different. You feel you are “there” in the gym with the physiotherapist, and you receive guidance specific to your needs. It is a compelling experience that makes it easy to commit to this excellent program!”
“I can finally throw the dog’s stick far enough she has to run for it! “
“Club Z helped me build strength and endurance at my own pace!”
“After decades of being “too busy”, I have been a Club-Z member for nearly a year and have experienced really significant benefits from the outset in terms of my general fitness and vitality, as well as specifically for strengthening my back, which has often caused me issues.”
“My physical flexibility and fitness have improved as I worked through the various classes building up quad/core strength plus my balance after my knee replacement surgery!
“Club Z for me is a timely self- care routine I can do safely and conveniently from home. I joined to transition from earlier physiotherapy for a specific issue and now enjoy “Fit” sessions to wake up the rest of my body!”
“I had not realized just how poorly my balance had become. Over time and with the balance exercises we do in class every week my balance is slowly improving.”
“The instructors completely understands the physical needs of the “older” generation. I fully recommend Club Z!”
“With Fit 2/3, my “core fitness” has dramatically improved, and (no surprise) my golf game is much improved as well, especially off the tee! I also feel that
the chance of a golf-related injury is now greatly reduced.”
“One day after about 3 classes I realized I was going down the stairs properly and not doing the one step, one step method. This was a huge moment for me as my left knee has been replaced. I was very excited and I continue going down the stairs as one should!”
“I can continue on with working from home and still do the class. Our instructor is very validating and encouraging and I love the music. Some tunes I haven’t heard in years that just make you feel like this is where I belong at a time when it sometimes feels like society is telling you that you don’t belong.”
“I can definitely notice a difference in things that I can do, and it’s certainly helping my strength.”