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Club Z Members love how our classes help them live the active life they want!

Peggy, age 76

Halifax NS

Club Z helped me build strength and endurance while working at my own pace


Halifax NS

My Labrador Retriever and I walk nearly an hour every day. However, I felt I needed more in the way of exercise so I joined the Flow Class at Club Z with Shania.

One day after about 3 classes I realized I was going down the stairs properly and not doing the one step, one step method.
 This was a huge moment for me as my left knee has been replaced. 
I was very excited and I continue going down the stairs as one should!

 I had not realized just how poorly my balance had become. Over time and with the balance exercises we do in class every week my balance is slowly improving.

 One of the other things I enjoy about the Flow Class is that the entire class is done standing up….no crawling around the floor.
 The convenience of doing the class online and in my home is a huge plus for me as well.
Shania adds new exercises every week so our Flow Class never gets stale and I will continue in the Flow Class as I feel I have profited by taking part in this class.

Janice, age 66

Halifax NS

After 2 car accidents in 5 years I thought I’d never bike and kayak again. After a year of participating in Club Z with Laura and her physiotherapists, I’m loving my life. This is me kayaking this summer!

Janey, age 64

Halifax NS

I could feel myself getting stronger with the Club Z classes but it wasn’t until I got into the the kayak for the first time this year that it really hit me how much stronger I was. It seemed effortless to paddle and my friend who is usually faster than me had to ask me to slow down!

Larry, age 75

Halifax, NS

After decades of being “too busy”, I have been a Club-Z member for nearly a year and have experienced really significant benefits from the outset in terms of my general fitness and vitality, as well as specifically for strengthening my back, which has often caused me issues. I’ve tried a few different fitness programs over the years but quickly drifted away. Club-Z is different. You feel you are “there” in the gym with the physiotherapist, and you receive guidance specific to your needs. It is a compelling experience that makes it easy to commit to an excellent program equally appropriate for both men and women.

Don, age 73

Halifax NS

Club Z has been of a great benefit to me. With 3 joint replacements and a medical condition that requires that I keep moving Club Z fits the bill. I also appreciate the choice of classes and the capability to take them virtually. Laura completely understands the physical needs of the “older” generation. I fully recommend Club Z!