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Club Z is breaking new ground and opening the virtual door with its online workout classes designed with an age-positive approach. 

With professional instructor-led workouts, adults who are 50+ have the opportunity to get one-on-one coaching during their workout sessions from the comfort of their own homes, creating a welcoming space for people of all fitness levels and abilities. The instructors bring their knowledge as physiotherapists to the classes, helping members move more safely and confidently during the workouts.

Laura Lundquist, founder of Club Z and an instructor, has seen first hand how it’s making a real impact. 

“When we designed Club Z, we believed in its power to create meaningful change in people’s lives,” says Lundquist. “We have been thrilled to watch those changes happen for our members.  Whether it’s throwing the stick further for the dog, getting back to activities they thought they had to give up or simply moving through the days with greater ease, our members are delighted with their progress. These success stories are fuelling our desire to grow our Club Z community to help more members achieve their health and wellness goals.

Club Z’s online workout classes offer several key benefits, such as building mobility, improving strength and balance, as well as making everyday movements easier, so members can get back to doing the things they love most and stay motivated.

With four membership levels — Digital on Demand (full access to Club Z’s online fitness video library), Essential (five online live classes per month), Essential Plus (five online live classes per month and full access to the fitness video library) and All Access (unlimited online live classes and full access to the fitness video library) — it’s designed to be accessible and accommodate different lifestyles and budgets, so that fitness goals are never off limits.

There are also five locations where members can get in-person quarterly assessments to monitor their progress: Halifax, N.S., New Glasgow, N.S., Kingston, N.S., Toronto, Ont., and St. John’s, N.L. 

You can also find Club Z on Facebook and join the growing community. 

About Club Z:

Club Z offers a wide range of online workout classes catering to all fitness levels and abilities for people 50+. Led by a team of professional and experienced instructors, Club Z members can have access to the full benefits of one-on-one supportive coaching and structured workouts, as well as Club Z’s online fitness video library, all from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Club Z has also built a growing community on Facebook, where members can join, connect with others, share their fitness journey stories and stay up to date.